5 For Friday: Pest Control Link Round-Up

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 Pest Of The Week: The Asian Cockroach


In most of the southeast United States, the Asian cockroach is commonly considered a considerable pest control problem. In highly infested areas of North Carolina, Florida, and Georgia; some 250,000 cockroaches per acre have been discovered. These cockroaches are not as common in urban areas, but can frequently be found in and around suburban and rural properties. They are excellent fliers, and are abundant outdoors.

Many homeowners confuse the Asian cockroach with the German cockroach. It is argued if these two species of cockroach are related, but there are a few many similarities. There are also a few differences between the Asian and German cockroaches. The wings of the Asian cockroach are usually longer and narrower, and they are also lighter in color than most German cockroaches.

No matter the type of cockroach that’s invading your South-Eastern property, you just don’t want any of these pests inside your home. They will eat your food and spread disease. Appropriate roach control measures must be taken to eliminate Asian cockroaches.

5 For Friday: Pest Control Link Round-Up


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