Friday Links Round-Up of Pest Control Articles

Western Carpenter Ant, Camponotus modoc
Western Carpenter Ant, Camponotus modoc (Photo credit: ArranET)

Pest Of The Week: The Western Carpenter Ant

One of the most common types of Carpenter ants is the Western Carpenter ant; which are located west of the Mississippi River. They are easy to differentiate, because of the gold hairs on their abdomens that circle the ant like a ring. Like other Carpenter ants, the Western Carpenter ant has a dull black body with reddish legs. They can bite, but do not sting.

Western Carpenter ants eat the honeydew from plants, as well as other insects, and even people food. They like the same food as we do… Meat, sweets, and anything greasy. One misconception about the Western Carpenter ant is that they eat wood. The truth is, these ants only build their nests in rotting, dead wood; they do not actually eat the wood they remove during nest-building activities. Instead, they deposit it in piles just outside the entrances to the colony. The wood is used solely as a nesting site. Western Carpenter ants nests require professional pest control to eliminate.

Friday Links Round-Up of Pest Control Articles

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Bulwark Paintball Summit 2013

Bulwark Pest Control had a fun time taking a break from exterminating bugs, and instead exterminated each other in competitive matches of paintball.


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