Spider Found In Oreo: Real Or Fake?

WARNING! If you ever want to enjoy an Oreo cookie ever again, don’t read this article.

Pictures have surfaced on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumbler of a spider that has allegedly been found inside of one of America’s favorite snacks… The Oreo Cookie!

Spider Found Inside Oreo Cookie

Spider In OreoPhoto Courtesy of Facebook

The Oreo spider pictures come with the following caption:

“This is why you always take Oreos apart before eating them, always. Now think of all the Oreos you’ve ever eaten foolishly.”

After seeing the above picture, the public is left wondering if the Oreo was found this way by the consumer, or it was an easily replicated hoax. Is it real or fake?

The idea of finding a spider in your favorite milk dunking cookie is not unbelievable–After all, we have evidence of a maggot stuffed cookie.

Theories On The Oreo Spider

    • It’s fake. Somebody untwisted an Oreo and then smashed a living or dead spider into the cream. They posted a picture of what they “found in their cookie.” The cookie even appears to have some dirt attached. 
    • Introducing the newest flavor of Oreo: Spider Oreos! The Oreo R & D department took things too far this time after their success with the Candy Corn Oreos last fall. 
    • The cookie was one of those generic Oreos, from Mexico, where the Mexican Council of Food regulations are a little lax. Spiders run rampant throughout their cookie factories. 
    • The spider Oreo is a prototype of the upcoming Halloween Oreos that will be hitting supermarket shelves this fall. Watch for the Oreos with bats, mice, and centipedes inside too. 
  • Somebody was in need of an extra protein boost for their afternoon snack. Just imagine, an Oreo with nutritional value. The spider might be the healthiest part of that Oreo. Anybody could rationalize that! 

Is The Spider Found In The Oreo Real Or Fake?

My professional opinion, as a bug guy, is that this Oreo spider is a hoax. Obviously there is a spider implanted in the Oreo’s cream, but it was likely put there on purpose.

We did the same thing here at the office with a scorpion. Here is a Scorpion Birthday Bash Oreo:

Scorpion In Oreo

At first glance, the spider seems to be a simple garden spider. These spiders are rarely ever associated with indoor environments, and wouldn’t make its home in the very clean, and very FDA regulated, Nabisco factory.

Spider In Oreo Undetermined

The truth is that nobody is 100% sure if this is just an easily replicated hoax, or if a spider was really mashed between an Oreo during the manufacturing process. Oreo has yet to release a public statement. Investigative websites like Snopes are uncertain about the photographs authenticity; its hoax status is labeled undetermined as of March 1, 2013.

Us bug guys will keep you updated when we know more. Until then, maybe you should untwist your next Oreo before you eat it… Just to be on the safe side.

One thing we do know for sure at this point– The only thing worse than finding a spider inside an Oreo cookie you’re eating, is finding half a spider.

Happy dunking!


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