Sniper Rat Control

Sniper rat control

If you think the rat problem in New York City is bad, it’s got nothing on Tehran, the capital city of Iran.

In an effort to combat the city’s massive plague of mutant super rats, rats that are resistant to pesticides, the Tehran environmental agency has deployed ten teams of rifle equipped sharp shooters to take out the hard-to-kill rodents.

Sniper Teams Assembled To Control Rats

Pesticide resistant super rats, which have grown to be almost as big as the common house cat; have been running amuck throughout much of Europe and the Middle East. In order to better control these rats, the environmental agency of Tehran, Iran has deployed ten teams of sharp-shooting snipers; equipped with infra-red laser scopes and all.

In a couple short weeks, these snipers have managed to kill some 2,000 mutant super rats… but it’s far from enough. The city of Tehran is so over-run with the millions of super rats; city officials are now thinking of boosting the number of rat sniper teams from ten to forty.

After bagging a super rat, city officials either incinerate the dead carcasses, or cover them in lime and bury them.

These rat extermination efforts are all part of a multi-million dollar government campaign to control the problem rats.

mutant super ratHuge Population Of Mutant Super Rats

Tehran city workers exterminate almost one million rats a year, but these efforts are merely a drop in the bucket. Iran’s rat population easily outnumbers the sprawling capital’s 12 million inhabitants. Iran’s state-run media reports that the rat population is thought to be six times higher than the number of people living there. That’s scary!

It’s been impossible for city officials to determine how many mutant super rats are plaguing the city. Best estimates have their population at around 10 million, and growing.

The rat problem has been such a major issue for several years that a newspaper once ran a cartoon in which a rat tells a man: “Our numbers are more than yours, so you leave Tehran.”

Mutant Super Rats

These rats are natural born survivors. Years of genetic mutation have made these mutant super rats resistant to pesticides. It has also altered their appearance and allowed them to grow bigger; weighing as much as a cat in some instances. These changes usually take millions of years to evolve.

The primary reason the super mutant rats need to be exterminated, is because they transmit diseases to both humans and animals that can be life threatening. These diseases include: Hantavirus, Plague, Rat-Bite fever, Lassa fever, Hemorrhagic fever, and Leptospirosis.



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