Links Roundup- Pest Control Articles For The Week

Links Roundup- Pest Control Articles For The Week 

Weekly Links RoundupSquirrel Gets a Jolt, Leaves 4,500 in Dark

It wasn’t a big storm with hurricane-force winds that knocked out power for thousands. More…

Natural Methods to Eliminate Lice from Hair

Lets hope you never need this advice; but just in case, McDonald Pest Control offers advice on getting rid of a hair lice infestation. More…

Termite Season Is Here & So Are Termite Swarmers

Is it possible to see termites on your property and not have a termite infestation? With spring almost upon us, and termite swarmers resurging, you better be well informed. Walker Pest Management of South Carolina has some advice on termites. More…

Ants: There’s Never Just One

In addition to the painful ant bites that go along with certain kinds of ants, there are some ants that can also destroy your property. More…

Bed Bugs Spreading to Theaters, Schools and Office Buildings

Bedbugs are not just hiding in the mattresses and bedding of dilapidated trailer parks, but can be found in schools, theaters, nursing homes, dormitories, and office buildings. Learn more about bedbugs from Accuracy Pest Control by clicking here.

Understanding Silverfish and What You Can Do to Prevent Them

You can find silverfish anywhere in your home or office, but they particularly love dark, damp places such as attics, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, basements, and more.

Pest Of The Week: The Red Imported Fire Ant

Fire Ants are an example of a social insect sp...

Making their way into the United States in the late 1930’s, the malicious Red imported Fire ant has spread to most of the southern states. Because of their impact on properties, on human health, and their environmental impact; Red Imported Fire ants easily take the cake for the worst ant pest. They build huge mounds, reaching nearly eight feet deep. These mounds can easily destroy the trees and plants on your property. On top of their damaging effects, they can also sting and bite. Red Imported Fire ant stings are very painful, and have even lead to death in rare cases.

Red Imported Fire ants have dark red bodies, with black abdomens. They can reach lengths of almost 1/4 of an inch, and are notorious for their very aggressive nature. When bothered, fire ants will pour out of their mounds and assault any impostor by stinging them numerous times. if you are having problems with fire ants, get ant control!



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