Best Practices For Generating Repeat Business

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Being able to bring in business is great, but keeping a customer loyal is even better. It has been proven time and time again that it takes less effort and money to keep a current customer satisfied than it does to bring in new business. There should be no question that repeat business is absolutely essential for success.

Here are some best practices for generating repeat business:

Superior Customer Service

This first bit of advice may seem too obvious to mention, but it is crucial. You can’t just have good customer service; you need to have superior customer service. Your business has to stand out above every other competitor in the market place. Competition is fierce thanks to the internet, so you have to react immediately to questions and concerns, connect with customers on a person level, and make them appreciate the little extras you do to demonstrate how important they are to you.

Stay In Touch With Clients

Just because a project is complete, that doesn’t mean you should not remain in touch with the client. Start by checking in on them to see how their business is doing and then follow up a little while afterwards to see if they need anything. Be sincere and spend more time listening, than talking. It is not an active sales call, it is just checking in to ensure they are still satisfied with your product or services.

Little Extra Touches

I mentioned the importance of little special touches in the first point, but ensuring repeat business means taking this step further. The superior customer service needs to continue beyond the sale itself. It could be something as simple as thanking them for their business after every sale or acknowledging their birthday by sending them a special offer in honor of their special day.

1 Rules for answering the phone:

Keep Them Informed 

Existing customers should be the first ones you contact when you need to market new products and services. They have already trusted in your services once and if it was done right the first time, they will be likely to buy a new product or service with less convincing. This also helps reinforce the practice of staying in touch with past customers.

Watch Your Competitors Closely

Don’t kid yourself. Your competition is working hard to steal your customers out from under you. It is important that you pay attention to the marketing efforts of your competition, as well as any deals or incentives they are offering your customers. Double check your prices and services against what else is available on the market, so your business stays competitive.

Keeping customers happy takes superior customer service, constant contact, little extra touches, as well as keeping them informed of new offers and products. Pay attention to what your competitors are doing to entice your customers to switch and stay ahead of the game. Repeat business is the easiest business to retain, but it won’t happen without effort on your part.


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