Weekly Links Round-Up: Valentine’s Edition

Valentine's day.
Valentine’s day. (Photo credit: MalinStrandvall)

Weekly Links Round-Up: Valentine’s Edition

Valentine’s – Moles, Roaches and Roses

Here is a three pronged approach in dealing with pests like moles and roaches this Valentine’s. More…

A Word Of Valentine’s Day Advice

If you are living near or around the San Antonio, TX area, here was a step-by-step guide for a successful Valentine’s Day… Complete with pest control! More…

Logo Design Tips For Pest Management Companies

If you are a pest control operator who’s just starting out, or and existing PCO looking to re-brand your image, here are some excellent tips on designing your new logo. More…

Springtails Are Crawling!

With Valentine’s Day over, and the warmer spring months just around the corner, springtails are making their presence known across much of the South. More…

Valentine’s Day Roaches- A Bad Idea

Here is more anecdotal proof that creepy crawlies like roaches, and romance, don’t mix. More…

Assassin bug (Reduviidae)

Pest Of The Week: Kissing Bugs

Kissing bugs, or more commonly known as Assassin bugs, are insect predators. These cone-nosed bugs will wait patiently for the opportunity to ambush other pests like termites and spiders. Exercising speed and accuracy, the Kissing bug uses its long beak to stab it’s victim and inject a deadly toxin. This ability has given the kissing bug the reputation of being a natural pest exterminator.

Kissing bugs are usually found from late June to early August, but are seen year-round in Central California. These beneficial insects are approximately 3/4 of an inch in length, with a long narrow head, long segmented beak, long slender and an abdomen often widened at the center.

Kissing bugs are not afraid to attack almost anything; even if a victim is much larger than itself. In fact, if not handled with care and caution, kissing bugs have been known to attack humans. Their bites can be very painful and cause a severe reaction.




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