Amazing Video: It’s Raining Spiders!

If you are deathly afraid of spiders, do not watch this video.

If you want to sleep tonight, do not watch this video.

If you have a heart condition or health concerns of any kind, do not watch this video.

If you want a glimpse of what Hell might look like, go ahead and take a peak! You may feel a little itchy afterward.

The above footage is not a spider apocalypse; nor is it a nightmare surpassing your most grotesque childhood terror; but rather a normal phenomenon in the Brazilian city of Santo Antonio da Platina– located only some 500 miles away from Rio de Janeiro; home of the 2016 Olympic Games. It’s safe to say I now know what city I’m not visiting…EVER! So much for attending the 2016 Summer Olympics.

web of the Social Spider
web of the Social Spider (Photo credit: larahsk)

It’s Raining Spiders In Brazil

The spiders, officially named Anelosimus eximius, hide out in the Brazilian trees by day and build huge sheets of web at night. The spiders work together building these webs, taking over the night sky, in order to catch massive amounts of insects. These sheets of webs can reach more than 3 meters in length, and also aid in carrying the spiders to other locations with a strong wind. If you want a silver lining to this arachnophobic nightmare, there are no longer any flies or mosquitoes left in Brazil. The Anelosimus eximius spider is common throughout Central and South America; from Panama down to Argentina. Because the spiders work together in colonies, building webs and catching insects, they are considered social spiders. The video was filmed and uploaded to the WEB (pun intended) by Santo Antonio da Platina resident Erick Reis while filming an engagement party for friends.


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