7 Habits Of A Highly Successful Small Business Owners

Small Business Administration Awards Luncheon
Small Business Administration Awards Luncheon (Photo credit: MDGovpics)

Becoming a successful small business owner takes hard work and absolute dedication to your vision. Unfortunately, not all small companies survive past their first year. To help your company’s chances, you need to embrace some of the most important habits of successful small business owners.

1. Set Specific Goals

Small business owners must constantly set and meet new goals to build success. At first, these goals start small, such as meeting a particular sales quota over the course of a month. Once the company becomes more established, small business owners must make loftier goals to keep themselves and their team from becoming complacent.

2. Manage Money Wisely

For a beginning small business, there is little room in the budget to misplace or squander money. Every cent matters when you’re trying to build a company with only your own savings and pocket money. Successful owners know how to save money when the slow season begins and when to invest money to stimulate growth.

3. Work as a Team

Although a small business owner may have started her company on her own, she will eventually need to bring in more team members to help her company grow. Learning how to let go of some tasks is a difficult job for any business owner. However, a well-managed team can accomplish more than any one person.

4. Work Hard from Dawn to Dusk

From balancing the budget to tracking down new clients, small business owners must tackle a daunting array of tasks every day. If you don’t have the discipline to tackle each of your tasks and keep problems from getting out of hand, your business could quickly become an unmanageable mess. Additionally, your employees will have trouble staying motivated if you spend all your time on the golf course.

5. Manage Your Time

Learning how to manage time effectively is a critical skill that triumphant small business owners quickly develop. You must learn to prioritize your tasks and spend time on important projects first. Getting distracted by a minor issue can derail your entire day.

6. Take Calculated Risks

Owning a small business is a risky venture that offers great rewards. Owners must have the courage to take a risk on an opportunity that could give the company a huge boost. Smart business owners understand, however, that not all risks are worth attempting.

7. Balance Home and Work

Although balancing home life with work is often difficult, it can be especially hard for a small business owner. Your business depends entirely on you, making it tempting to stay late each night or work long hours on the weekend. However, too much work and stress can hurt your ability to function and work efficiently. Effective business owners must learn to maintain relationships and interests outside of work.

This article was written by the team at Horizon Business Systems in Perth, Western Australia. Accredited MYOB EXO accounting and business management software implementers.


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