What Odors Do Rodents Like?

If you’ve had rodent problems before, then you are probably aware about how challenging it is to get rid of these destructive critters. Rats and mice are the most common types, but another rodent that is also known to wreak havoc to properties is the vole. Once any type of critter has set up house in your property, it becomes a battle. You need to defend your home from these creatures that damage property and possessions. More importantly, you have to get rid of these animals because they can also bring dangerous diseases.

Because you do not want to have rodents around, you should seriously consider what sort of preventive measures you can take. It is definitely better to put a stop to things before they even begin rather than suffer the consequences of negligence. So, there are several ways to deter rodents, and one factor that you can focus on is odor. This is because mouse, rats and other creatures are attracted to certain scents. Hence, you should get rid of certain smells from your home to avoid attracting pesky animals.

Smells that Mice and Rats Like

Rodents are scavengers, and so they are drawn to the smell of food. The scents of meat and meat products, as well as oils from pork or beef are particularly attractive. Because these creatures require carbohydrate-rich foods for energy, they are naturally drawn to food items such as cereals, breads, rice grains, and root crops, like potatoes and yams. Peanut butter is particularly tempting to mice, which is why it’s often used as bait. All in all, odors that are appealing to humans are also very enticing to rodents.

Should You Use Food as Bait?

The thing about rodents is that they have a very keen sense of smell. In case you want to use food as bait, this could be counterproductive as you might only be attracting more rodents into your home instead of catching them or keeping them away. So, what are your options?

1. Reduce attractive odors.

As mentioned, the smell of food attracts rats and mice. But there are many things that you can do to reduce or remove odors that entice rodents. Keeping kitchen counters and cooking stations clean is very helpful. After preparing and serving food, wipe counters with a sponge dipped in a warm and soapy solution. Rinse and then wipe again until surfaces are pretty much dirt and odor free. Then, get an antibacterial solution or maybe rubbing alcohol and use this to wipe surfaces. This will keep things sanitary and get rid of food odors too. In addition to this, always clean up after juice or food spills.

2. Keep food in secure containers.

When you are leaving food to eat later or in case there are leftovers, keep these in tightly sealed containers. Also, instead of leaving sweets or meats on tables or counters, put these inside your refrigerator.

3. Dispose of garbage properly.

Throw garbage out regularly. Don’t leave a bin filled with food scraps inside your house overnight as this will attract rodents. Put food in a plastic bag and throw this in a garbage bin that has a secure cover. It will also be best to put some space between your bin and main house so that in case the bin draws in rodents and other pests, these critters won’t find your house immediately.


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