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Pest Of The Week: True Chinch Bug


Percevejo‑do‑solo‑comum // Chinch Bug (Spilost...

The True Chinch bug is a small insect, native to the United States, and quite common in the Mid-western States.

Adults may vary in body color, ranging from dark red to brown, with white wings; and red legs. Due to their small size, reaching about 4 millimeters in length, the True Chinch bug is hardly noticeable. As such, they can become a pest control problem for unsuspecting homeowners. True Chinch bugs are notorious for devouring the stems of delicate turf-grass.

In most cases, an effective pest control strategy against the True Chinch bug will include the application of a pesticide, and/or the introduction of pest-resistant grasses. Furthermore, because this pest prefers hot, dry, and sunny conditions, the true chinch bug population is sharply reduced in moist, warm, and humid climates; especially when heavy rains are present.


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