Enhance Your Pest Control Image

How To Enhance Your Image With Strategically Designed Pest Control Uniforms

This past weekend I was going for a late afternoon walk with my wife and daughter when something peculiar caught my eye. I passed a pest control technician getting out of his truck wearing nothing more then shorts, sneakers and a tee-shirt (I’m in Queen Creek, Arizona). If it wasn’t for a small vinyl decal affixed to his truck window, I would have never of guessed he was a pest control technician.

Since this experience, I have been doing some digging. Come to find out, almost 37% of pest control professionals are not required to wear a standard uniform. These numbers vary somewhat depending on the reports you read, but not wearing pest control uniforms definitely raises several safety and image issues.

Uniforms Enhance A Safe And Secure Image

A survey conducted by J.D. Power and Associates found that 83% of consumers believe that uniforms make it easier to identify who can help them. The survey also found that 87% of business owners and managers want to see contractors in uniform to help confirm that they are who they say they are.

With this data the question must be asked,

“Why aren’t all pest control professionals wearing uniforms?”

Safety And Security Issues

Security issues can easily arise for pest control businesses when technicians visit residential and commercial customers. Although the right protective gear provides the most important safety measure against chemicals and equipment, other enhancements of employee safety helps protect both your workers and your customers. A strategically planned uniform program can be a strong solution to a variety of security and safety issues.

Uniform Suppliers

Uniform rental and service companies provide assistance to customers going beyond just providing new uniforms. Many will also pick up dirty uniforms, wash them, and deliver clean ones. These companies can also help ensure that uniforms are ideal from a functional standpoint. They can help you select styles, fabrics, designs, and colors. There are thousands of uniform companies across the country to choose from, so pick one that best fits your pest control business needs.

How To Enhance Your Pest Control Image With Strategically Designed Uniforms

If your pest control technicians are not wearing uniforms, make them start now. Here are some pointers to help you get started and get your company on its way to an enhanced secure image.

Brand your pest control business. Your company name, logo, slogan, and other unique identifiable business elements need to be incorporated into all possible items employees wear.

Be unique. Pick colors and styles that make your technicians immediately recognizable when out on service calls. Don’t go too crazy with colors and styles because you still want to have a high sense of professionalism. With that being said, you also don’t want your techs blending in with the crowd.

Design uniforms that would be difficult for competitors to copy. Use company logos, colors, slogans and other design elements as precisely and consistently as possible. Extend these across all job functions so they are clear to other employees and customers. I know this can be challenging for some techs in the field, depending on the specific pest you’re eradicating, but do as much as you can.

Make sure uniforms keep employees safe. This is a no-brainer in the pest control industry. Choose performance fabrics that wick away sweat and moisture as many techs focus on working in cramped, hot spaces.

Spread the word about your new look. If you get new uniforms, or change an existing design, let your existing customers know about it through an announcement. Hand out business cards or postcards with pictures of your techs in their new uniforms. This is also an effective marketing opportunity. “New look, same great service.”

Keep uniforms in good repair. A technician’s less-than-neat uniform may cause customers to feel uncomfortable with him or her, potentially impacting feelings of safety and security. A uniform supplier will ensure that needed repairs are made to your uniforms, stains are removed, and worn uniforms are replaced with new ones.

Keep track of uniforms. If your employees aren’t laundering their clothing at home, store uniforms collected for laundering in a secure location. Ensure managers collect all uniforms distributed to employees who resign or are terminated.

Get to know your suppliers. Just as your uniforms identify your people when they visit accounts, ensure that your office staff can easily identify uniforms of vendors who service your office. They should understand the need for caution if there’s any question regarding a worker’s identity.

Strategically Planned Uniforms

A strategically planned uniform program can be a strong solution to a variety of security and safety issues, not to mention aid in your pest control businesses’ brand awareness. There is no reason why your technicians should not be consistently wearing strategically planned uniforms. It’s just good business.

Your thoughts?


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