America’s Newest Home Threat: The Kudzu Bug

Kudzu bugs are a relatively new sight in the south, arriving on the scene less than a year ago. As colder weather arrives, these pests are beginning to head indoors in search of warmth. It is important to remember, though, that the bugs should not be feared. They will not cause harm to either you or your property, although they do release a smell if they are stepped on, and their remains could leave a stain on your floor or countertops. If your home is showing signs of a kudzu bug infestation, the following information will help you manage your problem.

Complete a visual inspection of your property

You will not be able to entirely prevent kudzu bugs from congregating around your property. However, there are things that you can do to help. Spend an afternoon thoroughly examining the outer perimeter of your home. Look for cracks or crevices where the bugs could squeeze in; sealing up these holes should make a substantial difference in your infestation.

Consider the pros and cons of pesticide spray

Be aware that spraying pesticides is unlikely to be effective. Of course, spraying chemicals directly on the bugs will kill them, but the population is typically so large that simply spraying a few will not make a big difference in the grand scheme of things. You can spray around your door frames and windows if you would like, although it may be hard to target the right areas if you don’t have professional pest control knowledge.

If you do need to get rid of a few bugs quickly and you are interested in using a spray, look for something that has synthetic pyrethriod in the ingredient list; this will work the best to eradicate these pests. The names you are looking for include cyfluthrin, lamda-cyhalothrin, bifenthrin and permethrin. Those hoping to go green may be disappointed. Organic products generally don’t work that well with kudzu bugs, although if you are determined to give it a try, look for a product with pyrethrins in it.

While you may think it just a formality, it is always important to thoroughly go over the directions for any pesticide that you are using. A few precautions you may want to take include wearing protective eye gear and covering up or relocating any furniture, toys or other possessions in the path of the spray. Spraying is not a long term solution; it will kill the bugs that you are spraying, but it will not work to keep them away over time.

Use alternative indoor pest control methods

Spraying inside your home is basically ineffective, and you run the risk of pets or family members coming into contact with the poison. Therefore, the best tool to combat kudzu bugs is actually your vacuum cleaner. By sucking up the pests, you don’t have to worry about stepping on or crushing them to get rid of them. Be diligent about throwing out your bag, though; if you don’t switch it out on a regular basis, you will begin to notice a distinct odor.

A kudzu bug infestation can be very irritating. By using the tips included above, you may be able to get a handle on the problem without involving pest control specialists.

About the author: Mike owns and operates a Stamford Pest Control company, helping his clients deal with nasty and pesky home invaders like the kudzu bug.


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