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Pest Of The Week: The Eastern Gray Squirrel


An Eastern Grey Squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis...
An Eastern Grey Squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In most of North America, the most common variety of squirrel encountered in urban areas, is the Eastern Gray squirrel; or Grey squirrel (Canada). These rodent pests have spread across the United States, and are often discovered in parks, backyards (urban) and farmlands (rural). In fact, in many areas the Eastern Grey squirrel has largely displaced the native Red squirrel.

As the name suggests, the Eastern Gray squirrel is characteristically covered in gray fur, but it can also display a reddish color. This rodent pest has a white underside, and a large bushy tail. The head and body length ranges from 23 to 30 cm, with an additional 19 to 25 cm, to account for the tail.

Eastern Gray squirrels build a type of nest, known as a drey, commonly found in forks of trees. However, they may also build a nest in the attic or in the exterior walls of homes and dwellings, creating a pest control problem for unsuspecting homeowners and tenants.


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