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Today Google+ announced the addition of Communities to its popular social networking site. The idea is to have large groups of members arranged around a Google+ hub page which is dedicated to a specific topic like fishing, running, or pest control. Google+ will let members share to particular communities with posts, photos, +1’s, and hangouts. The feature is now live for the sites 235 Million users.

Pest Control Community On Google+

With this exciting new announcement from Google+, we have founded the Pest Control Community Page. We will be using this page to communicate important news and updates within the pest control industry. We will also use it to curate pest control related articles from our member’s blogs, like this one.

Everyone is welcome to join the Pest Control Community. We are in need of pest control professionals to share their knowledge and expertise. We are also in need of a few qualified moderators with industry experience… If you are interested, let us know.

Join The Pest Control Community Today!

Join Google+’s Pest Control Community today and begin connecting with other pest control professionals from around the world. Post cool bug pictures. Keep up to date on all the latest industry developments. Have rich conversations, and ask the difficult pest control questions.

Let’s build this community together.

Google+ Pest Control Community Page  

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