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What Are Bed Bug Heat Treatments?

Instead of simply spraying down the rooms of your house that have bed bugs, a different approach is taken. One that is much safer and healthier for you and your family. More… 

Pest Control Tips after Storm or Flood Damage

After hurricane Sandy, homeowners have been dealing with a lot of pest. Here are five steps to help control the pest population. Steps include: chemical barriers, dealing with leaks and moisture, making use of traps, and covering entrances. More… 

Pest Control: Fall Check List

Here’s a checklist to better control pests this fall:


Carpenter Ants…Still Active In The Winter

When most people think of ants invading their home, they assume that the invasion will happen in the spring or summer months as this is the time when ant nests are working in full swing and quite visible. Despite what people think, some ants will enter your home during the winter if they choose. More…

Stink Bugs Return with a Flash

The signs of fall being here are everywhere: beautiful leaf growth, football season, hikes
and picnics and unfortunately, stink bugs. This has become an annual staple as th
ese bugs have become the bane of many homeowners all across the United States. More… 

Pest Of The Week: Boxelder Bug


Adult Box Elder Bug
Adult Box Elder Bug (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Boxelder bugs are a North American species of true bug, also commonly known as the zug, or maple bug. It is most often discovered on boxelder trees, as well as maple and ash trees. The adults are about a half an inch long, with a dark brown or black coloration, red wing veins and markings on the abdomen.

If disturbed, this true bug will release a pungent and bad-tasting compound, that is highly effective in discouraging predators and allows them to congregate; without being preyed on. However, their congregation habits and associated odor can annoy people, earning them the distinction; of a common pest and household nuisance.

Although boxelder bugs may occasionally pierce plant tissues while feeding, they are not known to cause significant damage to gardens and farmer’s crops, and therefore are not widely considered to be an agricultural pest; or significant bug control problem. However, during the cooler Fall months, boxelder bugs may invade houses, dwellings and structures, seeking a warm place to spend the Winter.



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