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I would like to establish a pest control question and answer segment for this blog, My wish is to provide professional answers to all of problems that pest control operators may encounter out there. Our pest professionals can also answer questions for the general public about pests, and our industry’s methods to eliminate them.

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Pest Control: Servicing Do-It-Yourself Landlords

I recently wrote about landlord pest control violations ranking among the fastest growing consumers complaints, here.

According to a recently released report by the North American Consumer Protection Investigators (NACPI), and the Consumer Federation of America (CFA), bed bugs and other landlord/tenet violations now rank among the fastest growing consumer complaints in the country.

This has led to many questions about pest control pricing, and what should be done with landlords who just want bargain basement pricing to satisfy city inspectors. Here’s a common question among pest control operators dealing with landlords:


I’m constantly being bombarded by do it yourself landlords who just want an invoice to satisfy the city inspectors because they were reported by tenants. Most end up just doing the job themselves, or are just going to go with the lowest bidder. Can I have some advice PLEASE?


My advice to you about landlords who are looking for a rubber stamp treatment is to avoid them.

I understand they may give you business in other ways, but there should be no amount of money that is worth your integrity, and the integrity of your business… Plus you need to make money. Explain to the landlord that your pest control company doesn’t operate this way, and that there just isn’t much money to be made doing so.

Stick with the business mantra, “We’re not the cheapest, we’re the best!”

The landlord will likely be able to find a pest control company that is desperate, looking to make a quick buck. The pest control company will put no real value on their service. They’ll provide ineffective service and use lower quality products. The landlord will have his or her invoice, but will likely lose a tenant when the pest problem continues to resurface.

English: Apartment Complex


Del Lawson, VP of Operations at Modern Pest Control, had a situation a few years ago with a landlord who owned a 2400 unit apartment complex. The landlord was willing to sign a contract with us, BUT they wanted a technician on site eight hours per day, five days a week, for a year. The landlord was willing to pay $26,000 for the year’s worth of onsite work.

Now let’s think about this for a second. If I agree to what the landlord wanted, what would I be able to pay my technician? Even if I pay him $10 / hr, that’s still $20,000 per year before one cent has gone to insurance, taxes, a truck, vehicle maintenance, office costs etc.

The worst part is that the landlord was able to find a pest control company that was willing to meet the criteria… For even less!

Don’t ask me how the operator made any money…


What has been your experience in dealing with landlords and treating their properties for pests? What advice can you offer to pest control operators who are considering taking a job from a landlord?

Pest Control Q&A

Do you have any other pest control related questions? Our pest professionals can also answer questions for the general public about pests, and our industry’s methods to eliminate them. Post a question below, and I will respond by comment or feature your question in my next blog post.


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