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Pest Of The Week: The Arizona Bark Scorpion


Taken at noon, at around 104 degrees. This fel...
Taken at noon, at around 104 degrees. This fellow was a temporary occupant of my garage. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Arizona Bark scorpion, is a small light brown scorpion; commonly found in the southwest United States. This scorpion pest is predominately found in the Sonoran Desert, however less toxic species have been discovered; throughout the Southern US. A nocturnal pest, the Bark scorpion prefers to ambush its prey; which often consists of crickets and/or roaches.

Considered the most venomous scorpion in North America, the number of Bark scorpion sting victims in Arizona; is estimated to be in the thousands each year. With that being said, fatalities in the United States are rare (only 2 recorded fatalities have occurred in the state of Arizona since 1968), and limited to small animals/pets, young children; and adults with compromised immune systems.

The venom from a Bark scorpion bite can inflict severe pain, coupled with numbness and tingling; typically lasting between 24 and 72 hours. Temporary dysfunction in the sting area is common and may cause victims to become immobilized, experience convulsions and/or shortness of breath. Due to the extreme pain caused by the sting, many victims describe the sensation of electrical shocks; after receiving a sting.

Bark scorpions, like most other scorpions, are incredibly resilient; and require a focused pest control strategy. In fact, lab experiments have frozen scorpions for weeks; and after being thawed, the scorpions emerged unharmed. Furthermore, during U.S. nuclear testing, scorpions (along with cockroaches and lizards) were found near ground zero; with no recorded adverse effects.

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