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Pest of the Week: Emerald Cockroach

Ampulex compressa, commonly called Emerald Coc...


The Emerald Cockroach wasp has a metallic blue-green body, with the thighs of the second and third pair of legs being red. The female is approximately 22 mm long. The male of this species is smaller, and does not have a stinger.

Also known as a jewel wasp, the Emerald Cockroach wasp is best known for its unusual reproductive behavior, which involves stinging the cockroach; and then using the body as a living-host for its larvae.

The female Emerald Cockroach wasp will sting the cockroach twice, paralyze the front legs of the victim; and disable the escape reflex. Then the wasp leads the cockroach to a burrow, by pulling one of the roach’s antennae; similar to a leash. Once they reach the burrow, the Emerald Cockroach wasp lays a white egg, on the cockroach’s abdomen.

Adults live for several months. Mating takes about one minute, and only one mating session is necessary, for a female wasp to successfully parasitize several dozen cockroaches; making them an unlikely source for natural roach control.

Friday Links Roundup

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The Invasion of the Stinkbugs

For most homeowners, stinkbugs are merely a nuisance. They don’t bite or sting, and they’re not known to carry any disease. Their worst offense is the foul odor they emit when killed. We all run for a shoe or newspaper when we see a bug in our house; but for stinkbugs, that’s not such a good idea. Many people resort to vacuums or homemade traps, but these pose risks of leaving the lingering odor behind, as well. The best way to deal with stinkbugs is to somehow shoo them out of your home or prevent them from ever entering in the first place. More…

Boxelder Bug Control Home Remedy

To get rid of this home pest, don’t squash them this only releases their odor, which will in turn attract more stink bugs. Instead, knock them into soapy water, where they’ll drown. Another option is using EcoSMART’s organic pesticides, which will kill stink bugs on contact safely and naturally without releasing their smell. Watch the how-to video here.

Creatures of the night: Bats!

So why do people fear bats so greatly? While only a small percentage of bats carry it, rabies is a very serious disease, and could be fatal. Bats can also carry insect parasites, which can be left behind in their nests and could pass on to human hosts. More…



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