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 Pest Of The Week: The Aphid

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Also known as greenflies, blackflies or whiteflies, aphids are small sap sucking insects. Most aphids have soft bodies, which may be green, black, brown, pink or almost colorless. This common garden pest characteristically has antennae, long/thin legs, and two compound eyes. Aphids feed themselves through modified sucking mouthparts.

In temperate regions, Aphids are among the most destructive insect pests. Their damage to plants, and in particular commercial crops, has resulted in a large amount of pest control services and exterminating efforts, being applied to control the activities of aphids. The aphid’s removal of sap, creates a lack of vigour in the plant, and their saliva is toxic to most garden plants. Furthermore, aphids frequently transmit disease-causing organisms, like plant viruses; to their unsuspecting plant hosts. Plants exhibiting aphid damage can have a variety of symptoms, such as decreased growth rates, mottled leaves, yellowing, stunted growth, curled leaves, browning, wilting, low yields and death.

Approximately two-hundred and fifty species of aphids are known to create serious pest control problems, for the agriculture and forestry Industries, as well as cause a common annoyance; for homeowners and gardeners. There are various insecticides that can be used to control aphids, however homeowners may want to consider plant extracts and plant products that are eco-friendly, and control aphids as effectively as chemical treatments. For example, beneficial insects and natural exterminators of aphids, include predatory ladybugs, “aphid lions” (the larvae of green lacewings) and lacewings.

Friday Links Round-Up

Delta Airlines Settles with Passenger over Brown Recluse Spider Bite

Delta Airlines has settled with a woman who was bitten by a brown recluse spider during her flight to South Africa. The bite resulted in a “crusty, oozing mass of dead skin” forming on the woman’s thigh after landing. She underwent three surgeries to stop the venom from spreading, and has also scheduled a fourth surgery. More…

How Pest Control Services Can Actually Help You to Save Money

Homeowners often have to treat and retreat this issue before they are able to totally eradicate all generations of this species. When they are done they have usually spent hundreds of dollars on store bought sprays, bed bug covers and home steaming equipment. They have also invested countless hours of their time taking care of the problem. Thus, it will usually be better to have a professional service implement one effective treatment strategy that can get the job done in the most minimal amount of time. More…

Tony Romo: Roach Exterminator

Here’s a very funny blog post about a serious roach problem at Dallas Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, TX. It turns out that Tony Romo was trying to squash roaches on the field during Monday night’s football game versus the Bears, and that’s why he threw five interceptions. Read more here.

Apple Flea Weevil: An Old Pest Reemerges in Organic Orchards

The apple flea weevil, a sporadic insect pest in the early 1900s, has reemerged as a severe pest in organic apple orchards in Michigan, where outbreak population levels have been observed since 2008, and damage has resulted in up to 90% losses for apple growers. More…

How Pests and Rodents Can Affect Your Health

Here’s a great breakdown of the different health concerns that cockroaches, rodents, mosquitoes, ticks, ants, bees, and fleas can cause. Read the full article here.


Here’s an article about the “Bug Man’s” personal viewpoint on using pesticides to control centipedes. For an intriguing angle read this.

Discovery of Endangered Spider In San Antonio Brings $15 Million Highway Project to A Halt

Commuters in San Antonio, TX are less then trilled about the discovery of an endangered spider in the middle of a $15 Million highway construction project, which has halted construction plans until further notice. While biologists are celebrating the rare discovery, local residents are fuming over the inconvenience and lack of progress on the busy road. More…



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  1. These guys try to ruin my tomato plants every year. What i do now is release praying mantis’ in my garden. They prey on all the insects that ruin my crops! its really a great tip

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