Possessed Halloween Spiders!


Possessed Spiders!

Today is Halloween! Tonight, as you’re watching your scary movies, carving your pumpkins, and passing out Halloween candy to all of those little princesses, super heroes, ghouls, and masked kiddos trick-or-treating at your door; keep an eye out for a spider inside your home… It just might be a departed relative checking in on you!

According to superstition, if you see a spider on Halloween it’s the spirit of a loved one watching over you. 

If this superstition is true, I’m a little worried. I’m sure I’ve squashed or vacuumed up a few Halloween spiders in my day. To think, the spirits of my beloved ones might dwell in my vacuum cleaner….Oh, no…What should I do? 

Pest Control Operators and Spider Superstitions

As a pest control operator, what would your response be if a customer didn’t want you to treat for spiders this month because of this Halloween superstition?

Are there any pest control solutions that will only target the non-possessed spiders?

Rich Kozlovich, of Pest Management Inc. in Cleveland, OH said, “If I had a potential customer suggest such a thing to me, and was serious, I would tell them to go to another company. It has been my experience that irrational people have the tendency to be irrational about more than just one thing.” 

Roya Talaei, an Environmental Services Professional in Toronto, Canada said, “If you see a spider on Halloween, hug it, give it a kiss, take it outside; and then ask the spider to do its job, of eating harmful insects.” 

“I’m all in favor of hugging and kissing, but feeling 8 arms around me is a bit much…” – Paulakuiten Brouwer

Halloween Spider Superstitions

Halloween is believed to be a day when the veil between the realm of the dead and the realm of the living is the thinnest. The spirits of the dead can walk among people. Any animal, insect, or this case arachnid may be associated with a spirit; especially if it is behaving in an unusual fashion. Some living creatures, like the spider, are associated more closely with the dead than others. 

Psychopomps are living creatures that are believed to ferry the souls of the dead to the afterlife, and include many birds, dogs, flying insects such as moths, and more. If insect such as a spider is seen to be openly present and watching, the possibility that it is possessed by the spirit of a loved one is considered in these belief systems. 

Seeing A Dead Relative This Halloween


Identifying Possessed Spiders

This superstition got me thinking. “How can I identify a possessed spider from a spider that is non-possessed?” 

If you catch a spider drinking Ovaltine, wanting to show you it’s collection of miniature figurines, or leaving you a birthday check for $4.50 it’s likely just your deceased Grandmother. 

For Bulwark’s complete list of “10 Ways to Identify a Possessed Spider This Halloween,” click here.


 Happy Halloween

To all of you in the pest control industry, the pest control professionals here at Bulwark Exterminating wish you a very safe and Happy Halloween!






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