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This Week’s Pest Of  The Week: The Acrobat Ant


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_Acrobat Ant top 4816.JPG.xcf (Photo credit: Norm Townsend)

This species of ant is named the “Acrobat,” because of the manner in which the worker ants carry their abdomens above the rest of the body, as if performing a balancing act. They vary in color from yellowish brown to dark brown, and the heart-shaped abdomen is usually darker than the rest of the body. Acrobat ants may produce winged, reproductive individuals (males and females) called swarmers. Although the swarmers are harmless, they may be the first sign of ants invading.

Acrobat ants feed on a variety of foods, including other garden insects and sweets, particularly the honeydew produced by aphids, scales and mealybugs. Their outdoor nests are commonly discovered in dead or decaying wood, such as logs, stumps and trees limbs, firewood and hollow tree cavities. They may also nest in the damp soil, found underneath leaf  litter or rocks.

Small worker ants may cause pest control problems, when they enter buildings through cracks, found around windows and doors and other openings. Indoors they can be found in wood or cavities that are kept moist with water; from leaks. They may also nest in foam insulating board or sheathing. As they excavate larger galleries, to be used as nest sites, sawdust may be deposited near the nest area.


Friday Links Round-Up


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Here are a few pointers on how to eliminate ant infestations. Severe infestations should be examined by a pest management professional and treated accordingly. Professional pest control service is the only way to eliminate persistent pest problems.


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