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English: Side view of Brown Widow on St. Kitts.

Black Widow Spiders Are Being Replaced By Another Arachnid

The Brown Widow has been spotted more frequently in territories that are expected to contain black widows, according to study researcher Richard Vetter of the University of California, Riverside. Agricultural settings are still predominately inhabited by black widows, but in urban settings the black widow seems to be displaced by this newcomer.

Bedbugs Bite | Bed Bugs in Portland

Here’s an interesting read coming out of Peak Pest management in Portland, Oregon:



Can Ants Damage My Home?

To accommodate an ant’s growing colony, they will burrow into wood to create more tunnels and chambers for the nest, which usually leads to hollowed out trees or stumps. Unfortunately, when your house is involved, a hollowed out or weakened foundation compromises the structural integrity, which only becomes more severe as the days go by. Aside from the expensive repairs, the weakened wood could lead to accidents and injury. In some rare cases, the extensive tunneling leads to a collapsed home.

A picture of South American Highway Ant

Zombie Ants

The South American Fire Ant has become an obnoxious pest. The idea is to control the fire ants spread and damage. The other main goal is to protect the native ant species. The solution is simple; place natural enemies into the ecosystem. This is also known as injecting brain eating flies into the ecosystem and allowing nature to take its course. Don’t believe me? Look for yourself:

How Frequently Should I Get A Pest Inspection?

For some great tips on how often you should get a pest inspection, what areas of the house need to be checked, and what to look for in a pest control company, check out:


English: Logo of Target, US-based retail chain

Target Ordered To Pay Fine For Sale Of Illegal Pesticides

The Target Corporation agreed to a civil penalty of $43,850 after a New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) investigation revealed the company was selling pesticides banned on Long Island. The company was ordered to remove these pesticides from all stores throughout the region in addition to the penalty.

English: Juvenile, Madagascar hissing cockroac...

Move Over Search and Rescue Dogs—Make Way For First-Response Roaches

Researchers at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, NC hope cockroaches can be put to good use, saving lives in disasters like earthquakes, fires and chemical attacks. These pests are being outfitted with tiny microchips that act as sensors, and are guided around by using low frequency electrical pulses that the insects can pick up with their antenna. Researchers anticipate that the Madagascar Hissing  Cockroaches will be able to maneuver their way around ruble and fallen debris, after the act of a natural disaster, and find trapped victims.



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