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Seattle Tunnel Dig Could Bring Rats and Cockroaches To Surface 

The big dig along theSeattlewaterfront that will build a traffic tunnel could also displace scores of rats and cockroaches.Pestcontrol experts say the pests will flee the massive construction project for quieter homes and food.


What To Look For When Hiring A Pest Control Company 

Here are some criteria our customers are taking into consideration when they are looking to hire a pest control professional. As a pest control operator, look to align yourself with most of these demands to be successful in the industry.


Prevention and Elimination of Slugs and Snails 

Many people are familiar with the old “pour salt on the slugs and snails and watch them shrivel up” philosophy. However,Grand Rapidspest control agents do not recommend this method because it can alter the chemical make-up of your ground, causing even more damage than what’s already occurred due to the slugs and snails. For some great alternatives on preventing and eliminating slugs and snails from your garden read:


Stung By A Scorpion? Now What? 

Our friends at Pest Control San Antonio offer some excellent tips on what to do if you are stung by a scorpion. Make sure to check out:


Remove a Hornet’s Nest the Right Way 

Here’s a great read on removing a hornet’s nest from your property. ARAB Pest offers some advice from getting outfitted, to your weapon of choice, and acting quickly possibly at night.


Pest Control: All You Ever Wanted To Know About Slugs and Snails

For a complete breakdown on snails and slugs, including their differences, check out:


Centuries Old Australian Wasp Is Redback Spider’s Worst Enemy 

EvenAustralia’s most common dangerous spider is no match for a nearly forgotten 200 year old flying insect, according to recent findings.



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