Navigating the Pest Control Software Maze

Navigating MazeFinding a pest control software program for your small business can be challenging and often times overwhelming. With technology changing rapidly some businesses are finding their current software outdated. There are a few things to keep in mind while navigating the pest control software maze.

You’ll want a software program that is organized, easy to use, and will make daily, weekly, monthly, or even a year’s schedule easily accessible. A strong customer relationship management program is a must. Look for software that easily enables you to log and track new or existing customers while giving you the ability to route, invoice, and print reports. Many of the software programs will let you do all this from your Smartphone or Tablet through the Cloud.

The standard among the pest control professionals today are PestPac and ServPro. They get the best reviews from other service professionals offering help with core accounting, customer relationship management, inventory management, routing and scheduling.

PestPac Review

PestPac can be considered the Cadillac of Pest Control software programs. They offer all the things that pest control software’s should. Scheduling, invoicing, account management and inventory management come standard. In addition, they also have additional integrated marketing services. These services include a pay for performance lead generation service, customized website design, and a search engine optimization service. Conversely, PestPac can be very expensive. They have a standard version that will run on your server for an approximate $7000.00 up front cost. An additional $14,000.00 may be needed to upgrade to the Enterprise version if you are interested in using multi-platform. Conversion from a previous customer database can be challenging, so make sure you are totally ready to convert before making your purchase. It is highly recommended that you sign up for an initial training. For more information go to

Pros: Everything you’ll need in a pest control software. Many features. Integrated marketing services.

Cons: Very pricey depending on services and features with annual maintenance fee. Higher learning curve. Challenge converting customer databases. Limited schedule calendar.

ServPro Review

ServPro does most of what PestPac can do, but is a little less expensive. The software updates and backs-up itself. Customers can log into their accounts, pay their bill with a credit card, and the payment then automatically posts to their account. Users of this software say that it’s very user friendly, taking very little training to get up and running. Processing of completed invoices and inputted payments are seamless and the “En Route” function will send an email to your next customer letting them know that you’re on your way. Customer response has been great to the Work Order and Invoice emailing options that can be sent right from your Tablet or Smartphone. The software instantly updates data like customer history and customer retention notes. Like PestPac, conversion from a previous customer database can be challenging and time consuming. For a live demo on ServPro go to

Pros: User friendly. “En Route” function emails customers. Less expensive.

Cons: Challenging and time consuming converting customer databases.

Smart Service Enterprise Review

One of the biggest complaints from those looking to change their software to PestPac or ServPro is the challenging nature of transferring their customer databases, especially from QuickBooks. Smart Services Enterprise has created software that works with QuickBooks with some other nice features. They have a portion called iFleet, which works off of the iPad or iPhone, and is completely paperless. It updates your routes instantly to the phone, along with and any added jobs during the day. The software also has GPS tracking through Google Maps. You can also capture customer signatures and then email the invoice to them. If this is more of what your company is looking for go to

Pros: Works with QuickBooks so no customer database needed. GPS tracking. iFleet.

Cons: Purchase vs. subscription. Not as many features as other software programs.

There are many other pest control software options available out there. Other options include:

Many of these companies offer free trials, so do your research and let us know what has been working best for you. The software that best fits your business really depends on what kind of business you have.

What pest control software have you found to be the best for your company’s needs?


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  1. Check out PestRoutes software! It is a cloud based software with mobile apps for iPad and Android. It also integrates digital contracts, paperless billing / invoices, and customer portals. Super easy to use, very powerful.

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