Friday’s Pest Control Link Round Up

Roaches Eat Toothpaste! Do You Share Your Toothpaste With a Roach? 


For a Good Laugh Check Out This Video:


Are You Feeling Itchy? Fleas Are Back

Flea control needs to be an integrated program that includes customer cooperation, veterinary treatment of pets and treatment of infested premises by pest management professionals.

Fleas are very vital pests in the ecosystem. They can flourish on pets, especially cats and dogs, and they can be very annoying to humans. Some flea infestations are brutal, to the point that they can cause anemia.


Common Pests by Their Season

Whether it’s winter, spring, summer, fall, or year round, pests are a part of our daily lives. For a breakdown of each season’s common pests check out:


A Few Not-So-Fun Wasp Facts

Wasp season is in full swing this summer. Whether you have a full fledged wasp infestation, or they are just ruining your summer barbecues, a pest control professional can help. For a few not so fun wasp facts check out: The Not-Fun Facts about Wasps | Long Island Pest Control Blog


Bed Bugs: What You Need To Know

Hotels are still in the news for bed bug infestations, and the public has become more conscious of all the troubles that these tiny blood-suckers can create.  While the term “bed bug” may give the notion that they are sleepy, relaxed little creatures that somehow winds up in the sheets, the reality is way more frightening.


Biting Spiders

Watch this video for some great information on biting spiders:


black widow



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