Indian Town Being Invaded By Venomous Spiders, And Witch Doctors

Raise your hand if you’ve seen the movie “Arachnophobia”.

Well, I have. Once.

My first time watching it was immediately my last.

It’s one of those movies that messes with your mind for the next several days. Your skin itches a little bit more throughout the day. You check your towel before drying off after a shower. Maybe you shake out your clothes before getting dressed because you never know. You never when at what point you’re going to run across one of those little buggers.

It’s just you. You’re minding your business. Your sitting down for lunch at your kitchen table to enjoy a ham sandwich with some ranch flavor Doritos and a Dr. Pepper. Unfortunately for you you didn’t see that little rascal hitching a ride on the underside of your whole grain bread. You’re just minding your business, no big deal, thinking about…”AHHH!!!”

“What the $#%& was that?!?”

You certainly don’t remember putting a needle on your sandwich. Just then you see that little eight-legged rascal making a break for the edge of the table. As soon as you get done putting two and two together you start to feel a little tingling in that same hand.

…You can make up the rest of the story on your own.

But you know what really sucked about watching arachnophobia? Seeing how entire armies of spiders would descend on the residents of a house or even a town. But that’s all Hollywood stuff right? ….Right??

Try telling that to the Indian town of Sadiya, located in the Assam state.

According to news reports Sadiya has been overrun by myriads of venomous spiders, leaving two people dead (Yes, dead!), and numerous others with severe flu-like symptoms forcing them to seek professional medical attention.

Locals report that the spiders have arrived in droves and that their behavior is extremely aggressive. On top of that, experts are saying that this particular spider is not even native to the area. They have tried to identify it as various species, including a tarantuala, a black wishbone spider and a funnel-web spider. The wishbone and funnel-web spiders are native to Australia, so somebody has some explaining to do.

Whatever the species, the town of Sadiya has a real spider problem on their hands.

Or, maybe the town of Sadiya actually has a witch doctor problem on their hands, considering many of the victims first went to witch doctors to have their wounds sliced open with razors and their blood drawn out and burnt.

“That could have also made them sick”, said the superintendent of the local hospital.

Bulwark recommends NOT seeking medical attention from this individual, or those from his "profession", to treat spider bites


You be the judge!



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