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Awe Spring, Life is Buzzing, the Birds and the Bees… oh and don’t forget the spiders.


The Blue Skies of Spring Bring Spiderlings
Raleigh Spider Control


As the beautiful blue skies of spring turn to sunny summer our minds turn to watermelons, swimming pools, and heat waves. Unfortunately as we contemplate what drink we want to have poolside, the bugs around our house are contemplating how to grab a drink from our sinksides. With the AC turned on pumping deliciously cool air throughout our own personal compounds we create a great escape from the heat for the wondering insects on the outside. In fact it may feel as if these creepy crawlers are appearing from thin air. But it’s actually that cool moist air seeping out of our homes that draws the pests in. The hollowed walls of your home may have never seen an attack from such a sneaky adversary, but sure enough here they are. Sure you’ve seen the occasional spider or cricket but now it’s like your house is their own personal oasis.


This is a problem all too common in the insect world. Over the years I’ve had many conversations with people wondering how this could be, and what is going on. Well let’s take a conversation I had recently with a lady, I’ll call her Lisa.


Lisa: Can you help me I’m seeing spiders?

Me: Absolutely, tell me a little about the problem.

Lisa: Well we moved into the house about a year ago and didn’t have any problems and now just seem to see them everywhere. I’m not seeing any webs but they are crawling all over the house. I don’t know what is going on. We are clean people and don’t leave food out. It makes no sense.


Mating pair of Argiope appensa garden spiders ...
Mating pair of Argiope appensa garden spiders in Kauanakai, Hawaii (island of Molokai). A batch of spiderlings hatched from an egg sac that already existed in the female's web, about two weeks later. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


This is a scenario that plays itself out in homes all over the nation around this time of year. Spiders typically are solitary creatures that like to live by themselves hunting and trapping their food with webs and various other methods. However, every year the call of nature arrives and the need to mate hits spiders everywhere. The mating really isn’t the problem though…it’s the aftermath of the mating. Being the solo creatures that they are, spiders decide that if they are going to mate they are going to make it worth their while. So with each egg sac they lay they make sure it is full with 200-300 baby spiders. The egg sac itself doesn’t look like much, just a small white little fluffy ball of web, but it sure does pack a punch. As those eggs mature and eventually hatch these hundreds of baby spiders quickly become the massive infestation you never knew you had. The spiderlings begin ballooning and spreading. And literally hundreds of new spiders are now lurking about. All from one small white egg sac. Add three, four, or five of these eggs sacs and hundreds become thousands.


That’s why we exterminators are here; to fix infestations as they occur or even better stop them before they happen. Bulwark (a defensive barrier) is our name, and protecting homes is our game. To see how we can best help you, give us a call.


-Craig S.


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