Grasshoppers for Dinner in San Jose – Ryan Jones Eats Bugs

I was recently in San Jose, speaking a bit on the finer points of Local Pest Control Companies online. Well, sadly I was informed of a little San Jose Restaurant serving up a plate of bugs a little too late for me to partake. Lucky for me one of my SMX conference friends, Ryan Jones, did sample the Grasshopper Dinner and lived to tell about it:

Ryan Jones Show Us How to Eat Grasshoppers!

The other day I ended up at MezCal Mexican restaurant a few blocks from SMX with 3 lovely ladies from 352 Media (@erinever, @kellikimpton, and @jdallis) and some random British guy we found on the street. After a few sol’s and margaritas, the table decided that we had to order up a dish that consisted of grasshoppers, chips, and guacamole. As you can see from the picture, it was pretty obvious that they didn’t do much to them other than cook them.

Grasshoppers in the bowl

How do Grasshoppers Taste?

The grasshopper taste was very odd. They smelled like sardines and were very salty and crunchy – with almost a prune style aftertaste. I’m not sure if it was the sauce or the actual grasshopper itself. By the way, when I say crunchy, I mean very crunchy – and you can definitely feel the legs in your throat when you swallow.

Definitely an experience, or as Bear Grylls says “a good bit of protein!”

– Thanks Ryan. You can find Ryan on twitter @RyanJones

Perhaps Bulwark can supplement their pest control business by offering up gourmet bugs after they are removed from people’s homes? KIDDING. Bulwark Exterminaitng won’t be serving grasshoppers or any other bug entrees anytime soon. 



 Would you eat a grasshopper?

Eat a San Jose Grasshoper
Would you eat this?
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