Snakes On A Plane 2: The Documentary

Did you ever see the movie Snakes On A Plane? C’mon, be honest.

I have to confess (or gloat) that I never did.

I know Samuel L. Jackson usually delivers, but snakes on an airplane? Really? Like…really?!

“Excuse me, stewardess, can I get another Diet Coke….SNAAAAAKE!!!”

Or, “Hey, I’ll meet you in the lav. Don’t be late! SNAAAAAKE!!!

Snakes On A Plane (2006 New Line Cinema)

Well apparently Karel Abelovsky from the Czech Republic didn’t get the memo that that sort of thing should only happens in the movies. And bad movies at that. Abelovsky was detained in Argentina after 247 exotic snakes, reptiles and other critters were found in his luggage. Airport security even said the activity inside his luggage resembled an animated cartoon during the scanning process.

Authorities believe that Abelovsky was smuggling the snakes as a courier for a criminal organization because the reptile find included boa constrictors, pit vipers and coral snakes: all considered extremely dangerous…and of course coveted by world villains alike.

Every bad guy has to have their obligatory poisonous snake, right?!

Abelovsky was released by local authorities on $2,500 bail, but surrendered his passport and is refusing to talk (or in this case, snitch) even though he faces up to 10 years in prison.  We’re not sure if Argentina has the equivalent of the Witness Protection Program, but we think that might be a good option for him.

AP story here.


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2 thoughts on “Snakes On A Plane 2: The Documentary

  1. I would literally have a heart attack if snakes were loose on a plane on which I were flying!! They would have to carry me off!!

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