Pest Control As It Relates to Electronic Manufacturing

Pest control mingles with many industries. In the restaurant and food industry, pest control is often part of the health code and food inspection process. More recently, the Hotel and vacation industry is being hammered by bed bugs and a pest control plan to prevent and reassure customers is vital. Pest control companies will do better in their service and their outreach if they understand and meet these needs. Branching out a little bit more, pest management experts can become specialized in niche industry needs. Electronic Manufacturing have their own unique need for pest control.

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The Electronic Contract Manufacturing Facility

An important, but often overlooked, part of any ISO certified electronic contract manufacturing facility is a well documented pest control policy. An organization that has pest control policies in place shows it’s customers that they are prepared to address any issues that may come about. It also displays a well thought out approach to maintaining the quality and cleanliness of the facility in which products are built.

Facilities that have truck docs and visitors coming and going with easy access to it’s warehouse have to be aware of any situation in which an infestation could compromise the quality of their or their customers inventory. Not only can pests destroy inventory but delivering equipment covered in rat feces will damage reputation. If you don’t think bugs infest manufacturing plants then you may want to look at the Mazda Spider Recall.

Some of the many benefits of having pest control procedures in the ISO quality manual can be:

• Increased employee awareness
• Faster response to emergency situations
• Ensures quality of products and inventory
• Overall cleanliness and more effective facility maintenance
• Cut costs
• Improved customer confidence and loyalty

Having documented procedures for pest control policies also ensures that continuous improvements can be made to deficiencies in the system as they arise.

A continued commitment to quality for any ISO certified electronic manufacturer should include a documented pest control policy.


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