EPA Announces Plans to Ban 20 Rodent Pest Control Products

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The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has announced, that it has plans to ban 20 rat and mouse control products, because they use “loose” bait. The EPA claims that the products are especially dangerous, because they are sold for use in homes where unsupervised children or pets, may come into contact with them.

“There is no question these rodenticides can cause harm in someone who misuses them, but are we prepared to ban them entirely and allow rodents, mice, and other vermin to destroy 25 percent of our food stocks; the way they do throughout the rest of the world?” asks a senior fellow with the National Center for Policy Analysis.

Those who have studied the effects of the EPA’s proposed ban, say that the agency’s plan could also have a profound effect, on the public’s health and safety. They warn that the ban may force people to rely on products, from an alternate class of rodenticides, which may have no known antidote. The proposed plan could also force consumers to avoid treating their homes, unless they can afford to hire a pest control professional; to deal with a rodent invasion. Because some families do not have the addition income, that would allow them to afford an exterminator, they may have to endure a rodent outbreak; without treating it. You can imagine how this would eventually lead, to serious health concerns.

Opposition to the EPA ban says that the agency is formulating it’s decision, on a data that was relevant between 1993 and 2008. The report said that the American Association of Poison Control Centers, received 12,000 to 15,000 reports of rat and mouse poison exposures each year, regarding children under 6 years old. Improper use or lack of parental supervision, the opposition says, is not a good enough reason to ban such useful product; from the marketplace.  They fear is that the people living in poverty, will be the ones most adversely affected by the proposed ban. With professional exterminators likely being too expensive for them to hire, there is a higher propensity for them to be afflicted by rodent problems, and the most likely candidates for serious health issues.


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