The 3 Most Dangerous Phoenix Pest Control Problems [OPINION]

If you have recently moved to Phoenix, Arizona, there are some notable insect, bug and pest control concerns, that are prominent in the region. These common pests include a variety of aggressive ants, as well as venomous spiders and scorpions. These dangerous pests, travel from the surrounding arid desert environment, to the shelter of lush gardens and plentiful food and water, that is common in populous Arizona cities; like Phoenix.

Below, is a list of the three Phoenix pest control problems, that I consider to be the most notable, dangerous and (at times) highly venomous:

Number 3: Not to be under-estimated, the Fire ants in Phoenix are highly aggressive, and (without hesitation) will attack anything that disrupts their nest. In fact, it is estimated that more than twenty million Americans are stung by Fire ants, every year. Furthermore, this dangerous pest will swiftly invade homes, yards and fields, consuming (almost) any plant or animal material; including other insects.

Black WidowNumber 2: Honorable mention and runner-up for most dangerous/most venomous pest problem in Phoenix, is the Black Widow spider. When disturbed, this spider will (most often) attempt to escape, rather than attack. Nevertheless, Phoenix pest control professionals strongly advise, that residents exercise extreme caution when confronted by an adult Black Widow spider; as they are highly venomous. How dangerous are Black Widow spiders? Well known prey of this pest include the other two members of this “Most Dangerous” list: Fire ants and scorpions!

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Number 1: Likely the most feared of the local pests, is the Arizona Bark scorpion. Considered the most venomous of all scorpions in North America, the venom from a Bark scorpion can cause extreme and severe pain in adults, typically lasting between twenty-four and seventy-two hours. To the disappointment of local officials and residents, local studies are reporting that scorpion attacks are on the rise in Phoenix; and The Valley.

Just like much of the human population, common pests like Fire ants, Black Widow spiders and Arizona Bark scorpions, prefer the cooler temperatures of Phoenix properties, homes and businesses; over the blazing Sonoran Desert sun. As such, when the temperatures in Phoenix rise considerably, you can be certain that the number of calls for pest control will increase proportionately; as well.


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