Male Crickets Present Chivalry?

Field Cricket  Gryllus campestris
Image by ian boyd via Flickr

According to a new study, male Crickets have shown signs of chivalry to their female partners.  In a situation of danger, males will allow the female to enter the burrow first, even if there isn’t enough room for him.  Putting his life in danger for the female, often times allows him to mate with the female more and more often then he would have before.  Although crickets aren’t very intelligent, it is believed to be an instinctive trait among them.  What was long thought to be a human-only trait has now been found in field crickets.  Who knows, maybe other creatures and critters have this trait as well, we just haven’t found them yet.

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5 thoughts on “Male Crickets Present Chivalry?

  1. Awwww…. this is romantic. In all seriousness, insects exhibit a variety of complex social behaviors.

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