Halloween, Celebrating the Good Bat.

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The Bat is a Fellow Bug Exterminator

As a general rule, bats are not very popular with people, regardless of any benefits the pest management experts say they provide. Too often, bats are perceived by the general public, as dangerous, ugly and frightening. But, what most people are not aware of, is that those “hideous” bats prevent billions of dollars in damage to the U.S. agriculture industry, by consuming common insect pests that frequently eat and destroy important crops. In fact, it has been estimated that bats provide the American agriculture industry with free pest control services, that are valued at (upwards of) fifty three billion dollars a year! …Gives new meaning to bat pest control.

Some people would also be surprised to know, that bats do not just exterminate large amounts of common insect pests, across the United States. The bats’ free natural insect control contribution, reduces potential pesticide use by property owners and farmers, and helps to keep entire eco-systems; in delicate balance. As well, other important contributions made by bats, include: a vital role in pollinating many popular species of plants (like mangoes and bananas) and innovative medical applications; that suggest vampire bat saliva prevents strokes (Draculin). Nevertheless, people despise them, everywhere.

And the Vampire Bat?

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Although movies and television have spent decades using bats to frighten audiences, people should re-think their negative feelings toward the bat population across America, and consider that of the 1200 recognized species of bats; only three actually feed on blood. And those three species, very rarely have an encounter with humans. Furthermore, any danger that is associated with a bat bite, is attributed to the potential for the transmission of disease; such as rabies. With that being said, the benefits that bats consistently offer to farmers and families across America, definitely overshadows any risk associated; with an unlikely bite or attack.

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7 thoughts on “Halloween, Celebrating the Good Bat.

  1. The Bat got a bad rap, with Dracula book. They eat a lot of insects as you mentioned, they also dispense seeds along the way and bat guano serves to enrich many eco systems. Great blog.

  2. Appropriate discourse, being that Halloween is approaching. For the entertainment and intrigue factors, this article really delivers a novel perspective to the garden variety reader’s eye. Indeed, bats are vital in terms of the attrition of pests, and are one of the keystone players in many ecosystems. It’s unfortunate that a lot of people have a phobic response to bats, similar to the omnipresent phobia of snakes. Sterling post- thank you.

  3. Amazing little creatures who do great work at eating insects while also naturally limiting the use of insecticides. Good article…

  4. Nice article with some neat information. Just make sure your home is safe from bats too. We have to perform quite a few bat exclusions every year because people leave their attics open to bat invasions. Apply some metal mesh to inside of your attic vents and it could save you a lot of headache. Bats have their place in the ecosystem but not in your attic.

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