Spider Like Silk Produced by Genetic Mutation of Silkworms Leads to Goat Silk?

Image source: http://theage.com.au/

Spider silk is becoming a hot commodity. Because of the strength of spider silk fibers, five times stronger than steel fibers, research is being done on potential uses. From bullet proof skin to artificial tendons, medical doctors are looking to capitalize on the health benefits a super spider silk lends itself to. But sadly the spider silk just doesn’t come quick enough. Noted by the spider silk tapestry that took millions of spiders to create. So scientists genetically engineered silkworms to produce a spider like silk. And that silkworm spider silk officially stopped a bullet. Taking that one step further, silkworm spider silk weaved with human skin was created, tested, and also stopped a bullet.  Interesting enough, a professor from Utah might just have a gold mind on this hands if he can take this mutated silkworms spider silk and produce similar fibers from goats milk. By mutating the goats genes, the goat will produce milk with the same protein in the milk. The Utah professor then takes these proteins, isolates them,  mimics the spider’s weave, and spins a spider like silk.

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