How the Scropion Anti-venom, Anascorp, Saved a Young Boy’s Life

Many individuals have been asking, How does the recent FDA approval of the Scorpion Anti-Venom change anything. Most people don’t die from scorpion stings in the US. So why is this anti-venom getting so much coverage?

Here is the personal anti-venom Anascorp story of Tony (owner of Airport Phoenix Hotels), a Phoenix resident and a father.

To the relief of Tony and many other Phoenix families the FDA approval means the scorpion anti-venom will be readily available in Phoenix Hospitals soon. It will also be available in other hospitals throughout the US where scorpion stings occur on a regular bases.

Phoenix Scorpion Control

3 Keys to Scorpion Control

  1. Quality Products at the right rate and in the right locations
  2. Protective Physical barriers.
  3. Consistency in treatment intervals.

While the antivenom may help parents sleep easier, scorpions are still a pest. Having a consistent treatment with the right products is essential in the fight against scorpions. General Phoenix insect control covers common bugs, but a scorpion is not a common pest. Scorpions actually fall under the arachnid family. Eight legs, two pinchers and one tail with a lethal stinger. Yes scorpions sting, and there is no such thing as a scorpion bite.  

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