Bed Bug Reproduction

Bed bugs have a very unique method of reproduction, called traumatic insemination. Males simply stab females in the side with their reproductive organ and inject their sperm, which makes its way to her eggs. Females recover from one mating, but several matings increase the chance of infection and death. Female bed bugs may try to get away from groups of males and go off and hide alone to avoid being stabbed to death. This bodes poorly for infestation, as females will hide in order to prevent death, and also lay eggs in quiet, hidden locations. This makes it imperative to locate all eggs and bed bugs to prevent further infestation.

If you don’t find the female, or eggs, they’ll keep laying eggs and could restart an infestation. This means you could go days or even weeks without a bite, as eggs take 6 to 17 days to hatch. If reoccurring infestations do happen, it is best to consider wrapping furniture and heat treating clothing to kill and prevent further infestations. Remember, picking up furniture on the side of the road is an easy way to get bed bugs! If you need a new mattress topper or sofa, find one on sale.



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