Should Exterminators Offer a Bed Bug Guarantee?

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What’s the Risk? What’s the Payout?  Should you, a pest control operator, offer a warranty/ guarantee for Bed Bugs?  Anyone that has done their research knows the difficulty in offering a Bed Bug elimination guarantee.  Whether it be for single family homes, apartments, hotels, or furniture rental companies.  Weather you are a large multi-million dollar company or a small local establishment.  Right now Bed Bugs are swooping in to this nation from afar bringing back memories of the 40’s and 50’s.   Except now pest professionals and proven pesticides are restricted by our government and that may cause this pandemic to get worse before it gets better.   Not only are pest professionals fumbling to find the most effective way to treat, but they must decide on whether or not to guarantee that service.   There are several risks involved.  Are they worth the consequences?   If you plan to wait for the right tools to offer such a guarantee as you would with spiders or crickets, what would you do until then?  One thing is for certain there is money to be made.


I think we need some industry feedback to draw a  conclusion. What do you think?



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14 thoughts on “Should Exterminators Offer a Bed Bug Guarantee?

  1. PCO’s should certainly warranty their bed bug work. It is only through the cooperation of PCO’s and the general public that any headway will be made on the global bed bug problems.

  2. We give a 2 month guarantee to residential. I would not guarentee any buisness that is prone to bed bug infestation, we would set up a inspection and treat service.
    It is not that much different than German cockroaches. You have resistants, brought into home and C&C. We ran into all that with German Roaches.
    I base my charge on infestation and harborage, I don’t have a heat unit and we don’t have the populations to support one yet.

  3. @A3
    I don’t look at it as Global though, more micro enviornments. I also think this will become a specialized service. You have companys that just service termites, you will also have companys that just service bed bugs. I don’t think we are going to have the success like we did in 50’s.
    My Dad always said: “bet on the bugs”

  4. Assuming a good pest control job is done each and everytime by everyone. I’d be more likely to offer a Bed bug guarentee in commercial Hotel, Motel or corporate housing. Because the tenants are transient the rooms are vacant. Whereas, in residential there is undeniably a lot more harborage for the bed bugs. Add psychosomatic itching to the mix and I think it’s a bad idea. The bed bug customer has been traumatized, hires you and when you gaurantee your work for extended periods of time. They call back because they itch or ask for a free retreatment “just in case”.

  5. @Joe Wood
    We also offer our warranty based upon the situation. A free standing home receives a two month, while other situations may get one month or none. Our pricing is specific to each individual job as well. There are many companies already who do only bed bugs, and some (like ours) that specialize in bed bugs. We do have the technology to complete thermal remediation, and have found it very successful.

    as far ar re-treating “just in case” our contracts specify that we will retreat only if a problem is found, and that resulting treatments are at our discretion, in other words, we choose if a second treatment is done thermally or chemically. It has worked very efficiently for us for quite some time.

  6. I think that if the proper amount of time is spent on the initial inspection, setting the customers expectations, and the job is priced correctly then a guarantee should be part of the service. We offer a three month guarantee to all of our residential bedbug customers. Commercial units are a lot harder to guarantee, because of the transient nature of the structure we only offer a one month guarantee. If the customers expectations and correct pricing are established before any work is done, then guarantees should not be an issue. If you can’t guarantee your work, then maybe you should not do it.

  7. If you provide a quality service, ther should be no question as to whether or not you offer a guarantee.

  8. Bedbugs are not like any other pest, their hitchhiking nature, their ease of spread, their almost transparent nymps, bedbugs are a pest that would need to be watched and monitored by the pest control company in order to guarantee, also if you include in your pricing the possability of return visits and justify it as probable , than you should be able to offer a retreatment guarantee. It is true that customers can bring them back in from another source after your company completely eliminates them, and this happens, but a customer still needs some kind of warranty as they are forking out a load of money for your service. Besides, if you have their interest in mind, and yours, you will get to the source, find the source of reentry and this will lead to new jobs, a posative recommendation, and a forever customer. If you a legit company and you dont offer a guarantee there will be illiget companies offering them and taking advantage of people.

    I own a pest control company and we are taking a big turn in the bedbug direction as there is great need. What we do : 3 scheduled visits. 1st treatment usually takes at least 2 hours and sometimes up to 5 hours for a chemical/ steam treatment. The next 2 visits will be approx 1-2 hours. INSPECTING , is key. Identifying where they are hiding.

    We then offer a 30-90 day retreatment guarantee for residential at a rate of 1 visit a month if needed at our discretion. people dont think clearly, often the “itch” and the creepy feeling of having the bugs stay with the homeowners for a while so they may think they have bugs, when they dont. OH, also… YOU are the professional not them, so take their feedback, and take the LEAD!!!

  9. Oh, AND MAKE SURE EVERYTHING is written SPECIFICALLY as to what your treatment consists of, treatment timeline, guarantee, reinfesation possabilities, MAKE SURE they are complying with technician recommendations verbal and written-otherwise, guarantee is void.. DONT EVER treat a home without actually seeing signs, this will turn into a headache, there is a condition called dilusional paratosis, and there is no bug, its a mental disorder and more and more people are getting it calling pest control companies. UsE a separate agreement for bedbugs, talk to other pest control companies. Learn from mistakes. GROW. No one has it perfect right now, its all evolving.

    We are getting ready to purchase a dog, and more heaters…. but we will most likely use heat with chemical from now on and advertise as such. Heat still misses depending on construction.

  10. Very seldom would you get rid of a bed bug infestation with the one treatment, unless it is a very light infestation.
    Usually it would take about 2 to 3 treatments to totally get rid of the infestation, and that also depends on the job and if you have other apartments that are infested and not being treated. offering a 3 month guarantee with discounted rates for additional treatments would be fair to the customer. I feel the pcp should be very honest with a customer and explain that treating a bed bug infestation is not like treating seasonal insects, new infestations can be brought back in at anytime.

  11. I’ve done plenty of bed bug services, there is no way to give a guarantee since bed bugs hide in books shelves beds everywhere that’s why the company I work for stop doing it because people expect it really quick you cannot give a time frame and less you have invested money into heat treatment chemical treatment there was no way cuz you don’t know if they’re in the couches are of their of the bedrooms which bedrooms even though you do in depth inspection you can’t see everywhere so that’s why we stopped doing them cuz people get mad and it’s no way you’re doing a chemical treatment with infestation in one or two times or even three times and getting rid of them all. mic

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