Bed Bug Eating Habbits

Bed bugs feed solely on the blood of their hosts. The only time you’ll get bitten by a bed bug is while sitting quietly, or much more commonly while sleeping.  Remember, you may not be the only host that a bed bug is feeding on – pets and local wildlife may also be in a bed bugs nightly diet. So, simply changing your sheets or buying a new mattress will not necessarily alleviate the problem.

While not feeding, bed bugs will seek shelter in any crack or crevice to avoid detection, and light. Most commonly bed bugs will make homes in mattresses, furniture, or cracks in dry wall.

Remember that bed bugs will not feed while you are active, so take the time to search for them, or signs of them, if you feel you have an infestation. Putting barriers (such as a latex mattress topper) between you and bed bugs at night may help the situation, but the only true method of pest control involves heat and pesticides.



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3 thoughts on “Bed Bug Eating Habbits

  1. It is always better to call in a pro before spending hundreds on unneeded supplies or protection. You could make the problem worse, or end up spending money when no problem exists. Make sure that if you do call in a professional, you ask LOTS of questions, and are fully comfortable with their knowledge and skills.

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