Wildlife Control vs Pest Control

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What is the difference between Animal Control and Pest Control?

A wildlife control is very different from structural pest control. Different laws apply to dealing with wildlife. Different techniques apply. In many states a separate license is required. It is almost always prohibited to relocate nuisance animals and other wildlife without written permission from the state’s gaming department. Yet, somehow, animal control and pest control seem to be synonymous to the general public. Pigeon control, rat control, and wildlife control are very much different than general pest control. Trapping and removal are also different from exterminating a rat or mouse. Animal cruelty charges have been made against pest control companies that have not handled animal removal properly. See the NJ case. One of the most glaring differences between animal control and pest control is that general pest control often uses pesticides for pest control solutions, where as animal control uses exclusion techniques and trapping.

From more info on the differences that may apply in an Animal Control license vs a Pest Control license visit: http://www.crittercatchersinc.com/license/

What to do as an Exterminator who doesn’t offer Animal Control Services

Exterminators that often get calls for animal control or wildlife removal may want to find local resources that they can refer to. Providing links on your website to local Animal shelters is a good idea. Finding a local company that deals exclusively with Animal Control or Bat Removal, or Pigeon control may help foster a mutually beneficial relationship. But choose whom you recommend wisely. You don’t want another company’s bad service to reflect on your own company. You also don’t want to refer out business to a company that may try to steal general pest control companies from you. Build a solid relationship and check in from time to time to keep that relationship strong.

If you know of any quality animal control services please let us. We would love to add them to our pest control directory.


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7 thoughts on “Wildlife Control vs Pest Control

  1. This is something Id love to learn and do but really there is not that much of a call for it in London, not like the U.S.A anyway I would say. Dont have to may bears here lol. I have seen alot of the wildlife control on tv from America and it looks really rewarding!

  2. I had an issue where I sub contracted out some feral pigeon work once and the job was not done as it should have been and I ended up having to go and re do things, ended up costing me money to keep my reputation really. Last time I did that and will not be doing it again. As for wildlife control, always good to know good companies that deal with that area.

  3. I’ve always wondered about this as well. Is it dependent on the size or type of animal who you call? I had a problem with racoons in my roof, since racoons are kind of big I called animal control. They advised me to contact a pest management company instead.

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  5. I agree with you. You have describe the difference between Animal Control and Pest Control in a very good manner. One thing I want to say that its compulsory to keep a balance between the wildlife and human life, that’s why we use friendly techniques to remove wildlife from houses and offices and do not harm them.

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