Rebecca Black’s Friday is GONE! #FailedPestControl

YouTube’s Official Statement on Rebecca Black’s Friday Video:

"Rebecca Black - Fri..." This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Rebecca Black. Sorry about that.


As a follow up on our Failed Pest Control -Most Successful Failure In America Rebbecca Black is fighting Ark Records for copyrights. Apparently Ark records was not satisfied with the amount of money they were already making off of her video. But, don’t be dismayed.. you can now find a slew of knock of videos to treat your Friday FUN FUN FUN taste buds.

Brock’s Friday knock off has 21 million views…. “My hand is Dolphin” Funny.

And Glee produced their own version… 3 million views… But only Music. No video.

Interesting enough, this social media hit spurred on several other knock offs and Lil’Kim’s Diss pushing their reach into the Million+ range.

And that is your Friday Pest Control Report.


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