History of Bed Bugs

Timeline of bed bugs in Europe:

Greece – 400 BC

Rome – 77 AD

Germany – 11th Century AD

France – 13th Century AD

England – 1583

Bed bugs have been documented and recorded for millennia, and until the late 18th century were believed to have healing characteristics. They were used throughout the centuries to treat everything from snake bites to ear infections, and as late as the 18th century to treat hysteria. Bed bugs have been extremely common in past centuries, as recently as 1933 there were many areas of the UK that all houses had some degree of infestation. After World War II, bed bugs were thought to be eradicated with the advent of DDT, and for decades they were not an issue. More recently, bed bugs have been returning to developed countries, especially with overcrowding and international travel. Traditional mattresses contribute to this issue by housing the bugs, while newer hypoallergenic and latex mattresses are better as they do not allow the bugs to live inside the mattress.



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3 thoughts on “History of Bed Bugs

  1. Bed bugs are going to be with us for many a years I feel. DDT did the job well, but, as stated in the article, with the travel now days and the things that contribute to them spreading, being harboured, I feel they are here to stay

  2. I knew that they were around a long time but it is interesting to see what other cultures had to endure these things. I don’t see them going away real soon, the way we travel and move about is adding to the problem. Great info, thanks

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