Bed Bug Elimination

Elimination of bed bugs frequently requires a combination of pesticide and non-pesticide approaches.Pesticides have increasingly grown ineffective as a result of bugs building resistances to known agents, making alternative methods increasingly popular. Alternative approaches such as vacuuming the insects, heat-treating items, or wrapping have been recommended in addition to pesticides.

As soon as an infestation is found, treating all bedding, clothing, and furniture exposed is imperative to ensure that additional infestations do not occur. This entails washing all items in hot water, wrapping all exposed furniture and leaving in the sun for an hour. Heat is the best method of eliminating bed bugs, aside from pesticides.

A great tool for preventing bed bugs is a mattress wrap, these stay on your mattress permanently and prevent bed bug infestations in your bed. They work well in conjunction with latex mattress toppers, which don’t allow bed bugs to burrow or crawl inside.



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