Zombie Ants – Friday the 13th Special

Zombie AntJust when you thought it was safe to sleep at night…

When little fire ants bite’s only meant a painful welt…

We bring you a pest control story worthy of Forbes, Times, and the Wall Street Journal…

Could it be evidence of  living dead are being found at less then centimeter high?

Fungus that eats on brains is stirring…

From the deep dark Brazilian Rainforest…

We bring you…

The Zombie Ant in…


So I am not sure if I should laugh, cry, or applaud. It is true that everyone these days wants to be sensational, yes even us dole boring pest control guys that run the same routine day in and day out. Sure Billy the Exterminator makes our jobs look exciting and fun, but really… spraying scorpions, baiting ant mounds, sweeping spider webs from the eaves… It’s not as glamorous as Dirty Jobs makes it seems. Granted on occasion stepping back 20 feet from a huge hornets nest and letting the Wasp Freeze fly is pretty cool. And the adrenaline certainly kicks in when those nasty flying pest going a buzzing. But can it be that we have reached a new level when we start calling ants dieing because they are infected with a fungus ZOMBIE ANTS?

Forbes Jumps on the Zombie Ant Viral Band Wagon

Okay, today’s post comes after receiving a notification of ants hitting Forbes’ News. http://blogs.forbes.com/johnfarrell/2011/05/10/now-science-falls-to-the-zombie-meme/ Granted John Farrell makes his case that this news is getting way too much attention…

But to take up Larry’s point, the ants aren’t really zombies in the classic sense of walking corpses. They linger for a while, as automatons, before slowly dying. They don’t come back to life looking to eat their healthier compadres.

Come back to life looking to eat other ants… LOL.. Good one John. I mean that would be freaking amazing and truly worth a journalist’s time, yet somehow we are both still dedicating time to this social phenomena. For those that don’t pay attention to Yahoo… Zombie Ants was trending on Yahoo. (Does anyone know what that means?..) I guess John and I are really hoping that this will trend on twitter so that we can get some real mileage out of covering an unworthy ant story.Yes, it takes an oxymoron to know one. Again, crying or applauding are both equally felt emotions.

The Rest Of the Story

From the scientists corner: “Zombie Ants Have Fungus on the Brain, New Research Reveals” http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2011/05/110509065536.htm

For a scientist that studies ants all day long, little carpenter ants that start acting erratic by stepping out of line is a big deal. And it is a little uncanny that these ants will react in sync with the high noon sun phase, biting their fierce jaws on the vein of an unsuspecting leaf. Oh yes, it is frightening to think that “lock jaw” position is the zombie corpses last act.  The leaf now providing the perfect nutrition to foster more fungus zombie creating spores to attack the next ant that wonders it’s way. Fantastic story!

Let’s hear it from their own words:

“The fungus attacks the ants on two fronts: first by using the ant as a walking food source, and second by damaging muscle and the ant’s central nervous system. The result for the ant is zombie walking and the death bite, which place the ant in the cool, damp understory. Together these events provide the perfect environment for fungal growth and reproduction.”


Props to a very creative story and a killer headline and name. Who doesn’t want to know what a zombie ant is especially after a scientist has called it as such? And who says that a scientist can’t be sensational and that bugs can’t be fun? Everyday ant control needs a little extra fire in it. Exterminators what a splash of color in their work as well. So yes, there is that ever present exaggeration, but who believes in green Zombie’s anyways?

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  1. This isn’t useless… you know this problem could probably escalate to where the humans get infected. Get your pump shotty’s loaded.

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