Scorpion Venom Takes A Sting At Cancer

Cuban scientists believe they have discovered a major breakthrough in the fight against Cancer.  Vidatox, a homeopathic product derived from the venom of “Red Scorpions” (Rhopalurus junceus), has shown promising results from 15 years of research.  The medication is designed to be an anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor agent, and has been effective as such on more than 15 various cancer cell lines.  Over 5,000 Red Scorpions have been used to develop and produce Vidatox.  Now that manipulation of the natural scorpion venom has been perfected, researchers plan to explore synthetic versions of the toxin.

The Rhopalurus junceus or “Red Scorpions” are indigenous to Cuba and known to have moderate toxicity levels.  While people are regularly stung in Cuba and Haiti, very few deaths have been reported due to negative, allergic reactions.  The Red Scorpion is also one of the few scorpion species that is known to make an audible sound when disturbed.

Vidatox Medicine Made of Scorpion Venom

Where to buy Scorpion Venom as Medicine AKA Vidatox?

We haven’t quite discovered this out yet, but Vidatox is already a registered product and shipments are set to go out to countries in Europe and South America.

Can I Sell Scorpion Venom?

Maybe.  Considering that the market price of scorpion venom is at $38 million per gallon, it would certainly be nice.

The most venomous and dangerous scorpion in the United States is the Bark Scorpion and is primarily found in the southwestern, desert regions of the country.  The Bark Scorpions is also commonly known as the Arizona Bark Scorpion.  Because of the extreme heat, Phoenix scorpion control companies battle numerous scorpion cases for the better part of six months every year.  Maybe these little critters can start working for us from now on.

Scientists are also exploring various ways scorpion venom can be used in common, every day life.  For example, venom is being altered and tested as an actual pesticide to combat household pests.  Venom is also being developed into variations of morphine that may potentially be used in the medical field.  That almost makes a trip to ER worth it.

“Nurse!  I need 50 CCs of scorpion venom, STAT!”


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  1. i like to buy vidatox form uk. please help me to get this medication from you. I leave in uk. but i am original from travel to cuba is to much ,i do not have this money .please help me .thank you very much. doina .

  2. I need to know if I can buy 100% scorpion venom 20,milm and how much I need to pay
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