Springtime Raccoon Removal

Raccoon Removal

This spring Raccoons will be looking for an easy and convenient place to live, and may find a nice place to raise a litter of coon pups some where in your home. A Raccoon may be living only inches from you and your family. Some places raccoons enjoy are chimney smoke shelves, attics, crawlspaces and inside wall cavities. Before the Raccoon has her litter of raccoon pups, the homeowner and their family may not know they have unwanted invaders. They may start hearing odd bumps and scratching in the night. Soon after the coon pups are born, the pups will start to get noisier as they get older. They make chirps, chatters and will cry when a few weeks old. Nevertheless, when the Raccoon pups get older and become mobile they become noisier with growls, chattering and whines that can be heard any time day or night. When being raised in attics they will play with heat ducts and wiring which can damage them not including the damage to your insulation when urinating and defecating on it. It is best to perform raccoon removal on these invading bandits before the coon pups become mobile. The damage that Raccoons can do can be costly to the homeowner.

Raccoons not only damage the home but can also harm your family as well mentally and or physically.  Direct contact with the animal is not necessary to transmit parasites or diseases to your family. External parasite transmission between Raccoons to humans and their pets is also of concern. Raccoons are commonly infested with a variety of ticks and fleas. Raccoons can carry fleas into the home infesting all the occupants’ human and animal alike. The potential for Raccoons to carry borrelia-infected ticks into the urban environment is great.

In conclusion, after the raccoons have been removed and prevention measures done to keep them out. The home should be treated for fleas, ticks and any other ectoparasites by some one with knowledge of wildlife born parasites.


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4 thoughts on “Springtime Raccoon Removal

  1. Thanks for posting… I think we have a raccoon on our property but I have been procrastinating getting it taken care of. I’m definitely going to get it taken care of now though! Thanks!

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