Rebecca Black’s “Friday”: The Most Successful Failure In America

FRIDAY April 22, 2011 UPDATE

It has now been almost 1 month since we posted about Rebecca Black’s Friday Song.

Views: 114,837,942
Estimated Earns on Youtube Ads alone: $57,418.50
Dislikes: 2,299,855 (86.5%)
Likes: 311,519 (13.5%)
iTunes Chart: 72

And comments are still flowing in at about 1 per second! How long can this last?

To the song’s credit the percentage of likes has increased as former stats from first post 11% Likes to 89% Dislike. We have also considered that fact that most billboard hits per genre of music are probably not liked by a huge percentage of the overall population. There are those that will never listen to a rap song to even give it a vote. So, despite our cynicism, she has a target audience that can carry her song. We don’t know exactly how many times Friday has been downloaded, but she is currently at 72 on iTunes chart, down from her position at #20. So have a Good Friday!… Got to go. Got to get some cereal… I now need to decide which seat I can sit iiiiiiinnnnnn!


If you have already heard this tune before, then I must apologize in advance.  You know what I’m about to inflict upon you.

If you have not heard this song before, then it is your responsibility to humanity to partake in the horrific and graphic reality that I am about to describe that the rest of us are having to endure like yokes upon our backs.

First, the horror.

On February 10, 2011, Ark Music Factory posted a YouTube video that would help redefine the viral industry forever.  No other music video has drawn as much attention and ire as Rebecca Black’s “Friday” single.  From the lyrics to the video itself to the tone of her singing is, as a good friend of mine put it on Twitter, “like nails down a chalkboard and knives into my eyes.”

The song lashes out at you with lyrics such as “Yesterday was Thursday. Today is Friday…Tomorrow is Saturday and Sunday comes afterwards.”  That is followed up by the brilliance of “Fun, fun, fun, fun!”  Oh, the humanity!

It has been mentioned and scoffed at by almost every radio station across the country.  Sports commentators are evening weighing in.

She is still a trending topic on Twitter and has been at least since sometime last week.  That has to be some sort of Twitter record.

At the time of me typing this sentence, of the 47,706,751 million YouTube hits on her official video, there are 706,886 “dislikes” and 83,491 “likes”.  Comments are literally being posted at more than one per second.  The pace is astonishing.

So what’s all the rage about?  …the song making the waves by Rebecca Black, Friday

Again, I apologize to you, the viewer, but discussing this issue must be a group effort.

*10 Minute Update: Since I recorded those figures 10 minutes ago, the “dislikes” have climbed to 708,585 (1,699 difference) and “likes”, heaven forbid, are now at 83,689 (198 difference).

Now, the harsh reality…

Although iTunes does not disclose their sales numbers of songs, she is currently ranked on at #23 in the Top 100 of downloaded songs. On’s release of their iTunes Top 100, she currently ranks #19, two slots ahead of Pink and well ahead of Usher, Katy Perry and the original YouTube sensation himself, Justin Bieber.

Forbes and Billboard differ in their estimation of just how many times “Friday” has been downloaded, but most estimate that it has been downloaded well over 2 million times. As iTunes scratches a check at $.70 on the dollar, Ark Music Factory has presumably cashed in over $1 million.

With 47 million views on YouTube, Ark Music is also cashing in on paid advertisements. As a pest control company on our scorpion video, we average about $.71 per thousand views. For us, this is enough to pay for fountain drinks at the gas station down the road. If we calculate that her video even earns $.50 per thousand views, Arm Music is still banking over $23,000. That will be enough to buy Rebecca a car when she turns 16 three years from now.

It is hard to know how many royalties she is earning, since Ark Music Factory produced and released the video. Since she is the one putting herself up on a pedestal for every American, minus 83,000 of them, to take shots at, we certainly hope she is getting the vast majority of those checks. Annoying voice or not, she is taking this all the way to the bank. Horrific lyrics or not, we are the ones filling up her bedazzled pockets.

Ark Music Factory is the engine that is driving these young teens to completely defame their own character and reputation at such an early age. We’re sure their cut of the pie is quite large, sadly. Is the Ark Music Factory business model the American version of sweat shops? Pesty indeed.

We pride ourselves on doing quality pest control, but there are some pests you just can’t get rid of.


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15 thoughts on “Rebecca Black’s “Friday”: The Most Successful Failure In America

  1. I don’t think it’s all that bad…. maybe not all that good either, but she took a shot and hit the bullseye.

  2. Apparently she’s been donating a huge amount to charity… She might have a horrid voice but at least her heart is in the right place!

  3. You’d think with the advertising power generated that much mote would have been profited

  4. All I can say is wtf. The viral Industry is over. What has music resorted to. This is the lowest standards set by far.WOW.

  5. Well, I cant comment on the Video as it is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Rebecca (shows I actually was going to listen also) But if what is said is true, those are staggering figures!

  6. It’s truly amazing to see how the world has changed due to things like YouTube. Easy way to make a quick dollar!

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