Madagascar Hissing Cockroach Makes It To Late-Night

You haven’t really made it big in a place like Hollywood or New York City until you’ve been a guest on any of the late-night talk shows. Leno, Letterman and Conan, among others, are the milestones to many up-and-comers and been-there-done-thats that keep those names relevant to us, the wanting public.

This week a very special and well-deserved guest made his, or her, debut to late-night television. The Madagascar Hissing Cockroach made a guest appearance on Chelsea Handler’s “Chelsea Lately” show. Chelsea herself was actually absent, so funnyman and Leno sidekick Ross Matthews filled in as host. Animal enthusiast Mireya Mayor couldn’t get it to actually hiss, but it did a great job of scaring the laughs out of Mr. Matthews.

This about mirrored our first encounter with our very own Madagascar Hissing Cockroach. We bought him, or her, online from an online pest farm based in Ohio. We only assume that they (we bought 2) were imported straight from Madagascar. At least we like to think so. And we got ours to really hiss though!

*Did You Know: The head portion of the Madagascar Cockroach is said to be what George Lucas used to patten the design of Darth Vader’s helmet.

May the Hiss be with you!


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2 thoughts on “Madagascar Hissing Cockroach Makes It To Late-Night

  1. That video was awesome! It is funny how just the sound of the hissing sends people into the scare zone. The laughter from the people around make it that much more enjoyable to watch. I had a friend who had some as pets and I saw one right after it shed it’s skin, completely white! For a second I thought she had an albino specimin. Thank you for sharing!

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