Interview with K9 Bedbug Inspectors

Here at BlogPestControl, we would like to welcome AJ and Marcie, a K9 bedbug inspection and bedbug education team.  AJ, what kind of dog is Marcie?

Marcy is a 2 ½ year old Fox Terrier mix.  She is a rescue.

Why this breed?

You will most likely see these type of k9s doing this work because of their breeds natural ability to hunt and pick up a sent. We also wanted a small k9 to be able to get into tight spaces under and around furniture.

What kind of reactions do you get from businesses like hotels and apartments?

Well the reactions are mixed there are those that are really botherd by the problem weather it be because the bed bugs have cost them tens of thousands of dollars or if they have had some bad press recently regarding the subject. And then you have those companies that love the idea because they know that the problem will not be going away anytime soon so they want to be able to use every tool possible to detect the bed bugs early and show their clients or custemers that they are doing every thing possible to protect them.

The thing that we as bed bug specialist would like the public to understand is that there is no prevention of bed bugs only early detection. So it is unreasonable to think that a hotel or resort for example is going to be able to keep all their rooms from getting a bed bug but what they can and should expect is that the hotel they are going to stay at is doing everything possible to find them before they become and infestation and spread.

What about apartment? Should landlords be concerned about a problem in the apartment complex?

Absalutly they should be concerned. Any time you have a structure that is occupied by many different people their should be a concern and an active approach to early detection because you have all these different people going to all different places throught the city and and in some cases maybe nationally or internationally weather its for work or play.

Imagin for a second that you have a tenant that takes a trip to NY or Chicago for example and they pick up bed bugs from some where during the trip it  could be on the plane, The hotel, or even a theater or brodway show that they visited. Then they return home to their apartment or condo in the valley. If they don’t have any allergic reactions to the bed bug bites they may not even know that they brought them home until they are infested by that time they may very easly have spread to the neighboring units around them.

I know that that example sounds pretty extreme or worst case but in fact the reason we are having so many problems in the country is because this is common place. This happens weekly that is why educating your staff and tenants and having a game plan is so important. As a matter of fact Phoenix is in the process of pass a new law that will require landlords to declare to new tenants weather or not they have had a Bed Bug problem in the past.

What about RVs?

What do you mean?

Are RVs or more specifically the RV mattresses a potential target?

Yes definitely any where that there are people and that fact that RVs can take people all over the country means that they could potentially have a bed bug infestation. The RV mattresses are great potential hiding places unless it was some kind of memory foam or had a cover that they cant crawl into. But then you still have the couches and carpet seams that could still provide excellent harborage places for the bugs.

Well, thank you for your time and we will be just a little bit more vigilant as we are preparing for our next travel adventure and hopefully keep away from those pesky bedbugs.  If we have any questions or need education concerning bedbug issues, how can we get a hold of you?

Sure, please call (480) 442-BUGS or you can visit my website at

Thanks AJ and Marcie! We look forward to having you back soon to follow up on some of the new legislation being passed on bed bugs.

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4 thoughts on “Interview with K9 Bedbug Inspectors

  1. A home is the biggest investment most of us will make in our lives – don’t let it all come crumbling down because of an invader not even a millimeter tall

  2. This makes me think Hotels should have regular K9 inspections for bed bugs just like restaurants have mandatory Health inspections. I love the fact you are using a rescue dog.The fact that a ‘dog in need’ is fulfilling such a Big Need in human society strikes me a bit ironic. I’m glad dogs don’t hold a grudge. Now that’s a lesson well learned.

  3. The use of dogs to smell out bed bugs is a great way of early detection of these little bloodsuckers. While not dangerous or disease spreaders they can be iritatating little pests and no one wants to have to sleep with them.

  4. good article for both tenants. Also we should check hotel’s room when we are traveling to see if they have bug bed. this is really bother you.

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